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Ceramics by KEY

Handmade Pottery Plate, Ceramics by KEY

Handmade Pottery Plate, Ceramics by KEY

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This plate is glazed with a reddish brown color covered with milky white color which has shrunken to reveal the brown color. The shiny white color contrast beautifully with the rusting brown color underneath. The plate is relatively flat and suitable for various types of dishes.

It would be carefully wrapped with thick layers of bubble sheets and packed in cardboard boxes, which would be safe even for international shipping. If you order multiple items from our shop, each will be shipped individually instead of stacked together to prevent impact.

- Handmade in Hong Kong
- Brand: Ceramics by KEY
- Size: Approx. 22cm in diameter
- Weight: about 500g

Color may vary slightly from photos due to factors such as display settings.

Care Instructions:
- No microwave. Because unlike commercial clay used by factory, we use clay not as dense and water can be absorbed in the clay. When the water in the clay gets heated up in microwave, it can expand and crack the pottery piece.
- Dishwasher NOT recommended because the vigorous washing may damage the pottery piece.
- Direct heat or use in oven NOT recommended because sudden heat shock may crack it.
- Homemade glaze is used, which is food safe and lead free.

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